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Africa: Hi-Tech Action to Stop Capital Flows

 The African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) has called on African Countries to invest in technology as one way of curbing illicit Capital flows from the continent.

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Africa’s Top 20 Tech Influencers

 Africa’s technology landscape is vast and growing. It is ripe for expansion and is increasingly becoming an attractive environment for companies (local and international) to set up shop and invest. The people on this list have taken advantage of this growth and have established themselves as pioneers in the industry. Some of them are investors, others are entrepreneurs and bloggers, but a common thread is that they are all African and are behind some of the most inspiring and innovative companies in tech.

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Using knowledge to power agricultural innovation in Africa

Knowledge is the bedrock of information and a driving force in today’s world. The field of agriculture has a lot of information that can be harnessed to improve food security in Africa. However, some questions come to mind: Are we aware of the availability of such information? Who has acces to it? What information is the most important?

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