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Gambia: Lailatul Qadr

We wish to join the rest of the Islamic Ummah in the commemoration of the Lailatul Qadr, an Arabic term meaning the 'Night of Power'; the most significant night in the month of Ramadan and the Islamic calendar in general. As we have been taught in the Islamic religious literature, this is a night in which the process of the revelation of the holy Quran is revealed to the prophet.
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Gambia: Imam Susso - Muslims! Make the Most Out of the Last 10-Days of Ramadan

 The Imam of Lamin mosque has called on Muslims to endeavour and make the most of the last 10-days of the holy month of Ramadan by praying as much as possible especially at night saying, the period is full of rewards from the Almighty Allah. He said Allah (S.W.T) will accept the invocations of those who pray and ask for his forgiveness and protect them from hell fire.

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Alhel Al-Bayt Islamic Association presents Ramadan gifts to EFST Hospital

The Lebanese-Gambians, through the AlhelAl-Bayt Islamic Association-The Gambia, last Fridaydistributed food and non-food items worth over two hundred and fifty thousand dalasi to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) formerly RVTH, as part of their annual Ramadan gesture in the country.
The gifts, which included rice, sugar, teabags, cooking oil, biscuits, milk and other items, were presented to patients, their escorts and hospital staff on duty at the time of the presentation.
The presentation of the gifts was led by the Imam of the Leban
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