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Gambia: Health Ministry Repairs Damaged Health Centre in CRR

Officials of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, headed by the minister, recently visited the Central River Region (CRR) settlement of Kuntaur where they assessed and repaired the community's major health centre, which was damaged by a recent windstorm.

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Gambia: 'HIV1 Relatively Low in the Gambia'

 The West Coast Region one (WCR1) health director has said that though the prevalence rate of HIV1 which stood at 1.6% in The Gambia is comparatively low, there should be no room for complacency. Alagie saine said the UNAIDS's latest report shows that since the beginning of the AIDs pandemic millions of individuals worldwide have been infected with HIV. By the end of 2012, the report added, more than 33 million were infected and closed to 3 million people have died of AIDS related illnesses.

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Gambia: HFPI Gives to National Eye Health Programme

The Post Health for Peace Initiative (HFPI) Thursday donated a brand new Land Rover vehicle to the National Eye Health Programme, under the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, at a handing over ceremony held at Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Care Centre in Kanifing.
HFPI is funded by Eye Health Project, Sightsavers and the European Union.
Speaking at a presentation ceremony, Omar Sey, the deputy permanent secretary for administration and finance, deputising for the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Health, thanked the donors for the
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