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ICT is important but...

 The use of ICT as a tool for economic growth and poverty reduction is a multi-dimension challenge, including socio-economic, political, institutional and technical aspects. Its contribution to economic competitiveness and growth is one of its most expected and obvious outcomes.

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Gambia: 'Banjul-Ankara Relations Cordial'

The Turkish ambassador to The Gambia has commented on the economic and political relations between the governments of The Gambia and Turkey, saying ties between the two have been "cordial."
His Excellency Ali Riza Ozcoskun made these remarks recently during an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer at his Brufut office in Kombo North, West Coast Region.
The diplomat, who spoke extensively about the relations between Banjul and Ankara, also disclosed that the Chambers of Commerce of Turkey and The Gambia have established
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