First morning in the Gambia on 17th Nov2013

Imagen de Oscar Chirino


The first bird I spotted in my compound in Lamin was surprise surprise a Malachite Kingfisher sitting on the washing line gazing down upon this dripping tap and the tiny pool of water that was forming as a result. There was obviousely a well organised qeuhoo for the littyle pond the first of which seemed to be a pair of Beautiful Sunbirds dangling acrobatically on to the tap in turn. Also on the washing line awaiting their turn to the tap single Red Eyed Dove and 2 Laughing Doves(the Red Eyed Dove breaking off occassionaly to gather up the odd twig and carrying it off as its mind was obviousely on the subject of nest building whenever the opportunity presented itself.Yellow Crowned Gonolek was constantly calling from one of the large mango trees and 4 Spurr Winged Plovers flew across the compound flyin North totheir feeding grounds.


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