We are the leading source of research on economic sectors in The Gambia


We provide the latest data from The Gambia: its key industries, the top companies, new products, latest trends and leading influencers.

We are the landmark in market research reports and analysis of niche. MMI works from the latest news published on websites, forums, and social networks, where the freshest information is, with the help of actors and influencers across industries.

Our reports and analyzes help companies to:

  • Internationalize
  • Explore investment opportunities
  • Identify potential partners and allies
  • Identify key influencers in every industry and region,
  • Assess the impact of its subsidiaries or joint- ventues in digital media and social networks, globally and locally

You can also apply on the industry of interest, and our experienced customer service team will respond to you by phone, email or skype.

Consultants, law firms or internationalization advisors interested in working with MMI can find more information here.

Since 1993, we are suppliers of strategic information to businesses and central and regional governments in Europe (Spain) and Latin America (Colombia, Panama).

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